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The following page gives information on what financial assistance is available to people at the time of a death.

Accident Compensation Corporation Death Related Grants


Accident Compensation Corporation

Te Kapore Awhina Hunga Whara

If you have lost a family member as the result of an accident, ACC may be able to help with a funeral grant or other financial support. ACC can help bereaved partners, children and other dependants of any person who dies as a result of a personal injury covered by ACC.


Once a claim is accepted, ACC may be able to pay the following:

Survivor's Grant

Survivor's Grants are once-only payments to the partner, children and other dependants of the person who died. These grants can be paid no matter where the bereaved person lives - or where the person who died lived (here or overseas).


Funeral Grant

We can help pay for funeral costs - up to a maximum amount which is reviewed each year. Consult your case manager for the current amount. By funeral costs we mean burial or cremation and related ceremonies, including specific religious or cultural requirements. The maximum ACC funeral grant is currently $5879.81.


Childcare payments

ACC may be able to help with the cost of childcare for bereaved children living in New Zealand - even if the person who died was not the main caregiver. By childcare we mean help with the child's supervision or personal care.


Weekly compensation

Usually weekly compensation for lost wages can only be paid when the person who died was in paid employment in New Zealand.


New Zealand Superannuation and weekly compensation

There are complex rules that apply when a person who is eligible for weekly compensation reaches NZ Superannuation qualifying age. You should discuss your circumstances with ACC if you need more information.

Work and Income New Zealand (WINZ)Funeral Grant


Work and Income of New Zealand

Te Hiranga Tangate


The WINZ web site offers very little information, so the following should be used as a guide only.

The WINZ funeral grant may be available to the partner, child, parent or guardian or funeral director of someone who has died, to help towards the cost of the funeral. The grant of $1,998.57 is income and asset tested.  (Maximum combined income threshold is $41,456.48)


The basic principle applied by WINZ is that you should be using the deceased persons finances to pay for a funeral service. The WINZ funeral grant is only seen as a "top up" towards a funeral account.


You may not apply to WINZ if you are applying to ACC for a ACC Funeral Grant.

You local funeral-link funeral director will have the WINZ funeral grant application forms and can best advise you of the current practices of WINZ.


Membership Benefits - Southern Cross Health Society



Southern Cross Health Society


Business NZ
Membership Benefits

Special benefits available to staff and immediate families include:

  • Special discounted group rates.
  • Immediate cover.
  • Cover (on most plans) for many qualifying pre-existing conditions after 3 years of continuous membership.
  • Accidental Death at Work benefit of $50,000 - gives comfort to both employees, dependants and employers.
  • Accidental Injury Lump Sum Benefits up to $50,000 - an extensive schedule of substantial payments. For example: loss of limbs and sight.
  • An Additional Funeral Grant of $2,800 - on top of the $2,400 grant in Southern Cross plans that include a funeral benefit.
  • Easy monthly payments through automatic wage/salary deductions.

(Further information is available on request. Conditions apply)


Value Funerals

The cost of funerals can at times be a major stress on those left behind and it is only right to ensure that people are given all options especially when cost is an issue.

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