This website provides you with information about Funeral-link Locally Owned Funeral Directors in New Zealand and enables you to find helpful information about locally owned funeral homes as well as helpful information about funerals in general.

Some people are not aware that many funeral homes in New Zealand are owned by overseas corporations.

Dealing with a locally owned or family owned funeral home is important to some people and ensures you receive service that is appropriate to you and your family.

The funeral director who makes the decisions lives in your community; they do not answer to a head office in another country. If things were to go wrong, you can talk to the owner, whose reputation is on the line.

If you have any questions, or would like more information, please call a locally owned or family owned funeral home in your area.

All funeral homes listed on the Directory Page are proud to be 100% locally owned.

Why locally owned or family owned matters?

Local character

Locally owned funeral directors live and work in their community, their business therefore will reflect the true local flavour with no pressures from a head office in another country.

They have long established relationships in their communities. When you call a locally owned funeral company you can be assured you are dealing with a company that has had many generations working in the funeral profession.

Community well-being

Locally owned funeral directors know that the decisions they make affect the community they live in. You will be dealing with a funeral director who cares about what happens in their community.

Locally owned decision making

Any decision that has to be made will be made by people who live in your community, these decision makers feel the impact of those decisions. Compared with overseas directors of a corporation who may never even visit your community.

Pre-arranging a funeral

When it comes to funerals many of us do not like to think about them. Today, more and more people are changing the way they feel, and they find that it makes a lot of sense to pre-arrange their funeral and/or join a pre-payment plan.

Throughout our lives we plan for almost every financial eventuality we may face, pre-arranging and/or pre-paying for our funeral helps relieve your family of emotional and financial worries when a family member dies.

Your locally owned or family owned funeral director will answer your questions and assist you with those important decisions in planning your funeral – the type of funeral service required, burial or cremation, choice of casket, flowers, catering, headstones or plaques, also the many other options that are available for funerals today.

If you have pre-arranged a funeral and the funeral home sells to an overseas corporation, you may want to consider transferring your pre-arrangement details to a company who is locally owned.


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