Code of Conduct


The Code of Conduct for our Funeral-Link Funeral Directors group is designed to protect the consumer and reflect the trust that the families using our services have, knowing they are the focus and reason for our existence.

The code assures our client families that our members will operate within the consumer laws of New Zealand and in a fair and transparent manner.  This document describes the professional conduct that our client families should expect when dealing with our members.

Not all funeral directors are members of our group, so we do respectfully request that when you are considering using the services of a funeral director that you specifically ask the question, “are you a member of the Funeral-Link Funeral Directors group”.

Eight principles with standards, form the framework for our Code of Conduct.

These are based on the values underpinning professional conduct and are of equal importance.

Principle 1

Respect the dignity and individuality of families that we deal with.

Principle 2

Respect the cultural needs and values of families at the time of funeral arrangements.

Principle 3

Work in partnership with families to promote and protect their rights.

Principle 4

Maintain family trust by providing competent care.

Principle 5

Respect family members privacy and confidentiality.

Principle 6

Work respectfully with colleagues to best meet the family’s needs.

Principle 7

Act with integrity to ensure trust is maintained with the family.

Principle 8

Maintain public trust and confidence in the funeral profession.

Values underpinning professional conduct


Treating client families with respect enables funeral directors to support a positive outcome for all involved in the sensitive process of grieving.

Treating someone with respect means behaving towards that person in a way which values their worth, dignity and uniqueness. It is a fundamental requirement of professional funeral directing relationships and ethical conduct.


Funeral directors are privileged in their relationships with families during the time of a loss and need to establish trusting relationships to provide the best possible care for all involved. Families need to be able to trust the funeral director and their staff. This trust forms a part of all interactions with every member of the family.


During the time of a funeral, partnerships are important. The families being served must feel that the funeral directors’ communication with all those we partner with is of the highest ethical level. Ensuring those we partner with understand the ethical responsibilities we all have in serving the families that place their trust in us.


Being honest, acting consistently and honouring our commitments to deliver kind and competent care is the basis of the relationship which exists between the family and the funeral director.

We are accountable and responsible for our actions and must be able to justify any of our decisions.

Establishing relationships of trust with funeral consumers

  • It is important to establish a relationship of trust with each and every family by being honest, acting consistently and delivering kind and competent service. Make kindness and caring for the family the first concern.
  • Treating families with respect includes treating them politely and considerately, and valuing their dignity, culture, and individuality.
  • Working in partnership, includes listening to them, and responding to their concerns and preferences where practicable, and giving them relevant information so they can make informed decisions.
  •  Acting with integrity by being consistent according to the funeral profession’s values and principles. Taking steps to ensure the family have the knowledge to make informed decisions and to not abuse the trust families are placing with us.

Maintaining professional standards

When choosing a Funeral-Link Funeral Director, be assured you are dealing with a company that takes training very seriously. All Funeral-link Funeral Directors agree to follow a strict Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct which is designed to provide you with reassurance that our funeral directors will support your choices and recognise the importance of the relationship between you the client family and our member.   

All Funeral-Link Funeral Directors participate in on-going professional training for all of their staff. This ensures that all funeral directors are kept up to date on all aspects of improving their services and understanding the importance of the trust which exists in the relationship between you the client and the Funeral-link Funeral Home.

Code of Ethics

Members of Funeral-Link Funeral Directors group must:

  •  Act with integrity, competence, diligence, respect and in an ethical manner with the public, clients, prospective clients, employers, employees, and colleagues in the funeral profession.

  • Place the integrity of the funeral profession and the interests of clients above their own personal interests.

  • Use reasonable care and exercise independent professional judgement when conducting services in relation to all aspects of the funeral process.

  • Practice and encourage others to practice in a professional and ethical manner that will reflect credit on themselves and the funeral profession.

  • Promote integrity and kindness for the ultimate benefit of society.

  • Maintain and improve their professional competence and strive to maintain and improve the competence of all funeral professionals.


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