​At the funeral arrangement

The funeral director will spend time talking to you about the things you would like to occur at the funeral service.

  • Should any jewellery remain on the person who has died or who should this be returned to.
  • For cremation, what would you like done with the ashes following the cremation?
  • For burial they will need to know whether a single depth interment is to occur or whether you would like the grave prepared for two or more people.
  • Would you like flowers at the funeral or would you prefer donations in lieu of flowers
  • Who will be the Pall Bearers?
  • Where should the copy of the Registered Death Certificate be sent to when it arrives back at the funeral director’s office from Births, Deaths, and Marriages?
  • Who will be responsible for paying the funeral account?
  • Will the estate be handled by a solicitor?

They will cover off items such as:

  • Where will the funeral be held?
  • Whether you would like a minister, funeral celebrant, friend  or whether you would like to run the service yourselves.
  • Where will the person who has died be buried or cremated
  • Flowers for the casket
  • Music
  • Photo Memory Presentation
  • Service sheets
  • Book of Remembrance
  •  Web-streaming the funeral
  • Catering options
  • Funeral notices for the newspaper
  • Online tributes
  • Type of casket to be selected

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