Pre-paying a funeral

Planning and paying for your funeral in advance may seem a difficult task to face, but like making a will, the ideal time to make these plans is well beforehand, without worry or stress. Some people choose to prearrange their funeral, and this is enough, but for some people they like to put some funds aside to cover their funeral as well.

Why prepay a funeral?

Experience has shown the need to be able to plan for funerals in advance, your funeral director can assist with pre-paying a funeral, which is a means of arranging your funeral in advance and pre-paying for it at the same time.

Benefits of prepaid funeral plans

You are able to choose your own individual funeral service.

Your family and friends are relieved of the emotional and financial burden.

Peace of mind - knowing your affairs are in order.

Flexibility - funeral arrangements can be altered if circumstances change.

Your wishes and preferences are carefully documented, and you can request a copy for your records.

Pre-paid funerals are excluded from WINZ asset testing up to $10,000.00 when entering retirement home care.

It should be noted a pre-paid funeral plan is not an investment in any way. You are paying for a service in advance, and therefore the expectation is that you would receive the funeral in return.


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