Below is a list of funeral homes listed for the Taranaki region

Eagars Funeral Services

A meaningful funeral is a personalised funeral – one that is a tribute to the life that was lived. You are unique and so is your life, so why settle for the same service as everyone else? We pride ourselves on providing a service that celebrates life in our beautiful Te Henui Chapel or any other setting that reflects the uniqueness of the person who is being celebrated.

At Eagars Funerals we can empathise with families because we have walked in those shoes and we know the importance of having family around you at funerals. When we say we care for loved ones, we care for them as if they were a member of our family.
We know that it eases the pain and grief by having the ritual of a funeral service and the importance of saying goodbye in a style that best suits the family. A funeral is about getting everything right, both big and small; our ultimate aim is to have families come and say Mum and Dad would have been proud of the service we have helped you create.

06 759 2200

New Plymouth
172 Lemon Street
New Plymouth

Email: office@eagars.co.nz

Hardings Funeral Services Ltd

Locally owned and operated for over 100 years, Kelly, Shaun and the team at Hardings Funerals have always known how difficult it can be to lose a loved one and at a time of loss. We will guide your family through every aspect of the funeral ensuring you get to celebrate their life in whatever special way you wish.  If you wish for service that is caring, professional, approachable and knowledgeable please know we are only a phone call away.

06 278 8633
Fax: 06 278 317717 

Regent Street

PO Box 605

Email: kelly@hardingsfuneral.co.nz


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