Wellington - Kapiti Coast - Wairarapa

Below is a list of funeral homes listed for the Wellington, Kapiti Coast and Wairarapa region

Guardian Funeral Home

We believe we are an integral part of the community and by remaining locally owned and operated we have a special empathy with the local community, the people, and relationships within our community.We are experienced at working with a wide range of people from a variety of backgrounds and personal situations. Each person is treated equally and can expect the same high standard of service. We do our utmost to listen to your needs and provide exactly the service you would wish for.

04 477 4025
4 Moorefield Road

04 232 1588
157 Main Road

Email: brad@funeral-link.co.nz

Harbour City Funeral Home

We aim to be Wellington’s leading funeral home of choice, known for consistently delivering the highest quality of care in funeral service.We provide service based on what our client families want, rather than what tradition dictates. We are proud to be one of the most innovative funeral companies in New Zealand.

04 387 8301
56 Onepu Road, Kilbirnie
Email: geoff@funeral-link.co.nz

Lower Hutt
04 570 0111

665 High Street
Lower Hutt
Email: danny@funeral-link.co.nz

Upper Hutt
04 528 8924
cnr Fergusson Drive and Ward Street
Upper Hutt
Email: jordan@funeral-link.co.nz

04 298 4888
300 Kāpiti Road
Email: brad@funeral-link.co.nz


The Wilson Funeral Home

We are committed in our desire to provide you with all the information and resources that we have available, to give you the knowledge to make informed choices.It’s important, that we help you achieve a unique and lasting moment when you farewell a loved one. Listening and responding to the smallest of your requests with an attitude of ‘nothing is impossible’, so together we can create a lasting memory.

04 389 6069
375 Adelaide Road,

04 476 5292
142 Karori Road,

Email: nigel@funeral-link.co.nz

Richmond Funeral Home

Owned by Peter and Jenny Giddens the Richmond Funeral Home has the only ‘Full Facility’ Funeral Home in the Carterton/South Wairarapa area.

With a full funeral Home facility in Carterton; ‘Richmond House’ comprising of an Office, arrangement room and viewing facilities in Featherston; The Clareville Crematorium cremation facility at the Clareville Cemetery and a team of local people passionate about caring for the bereaved in the various communities they serve, is your assurance of a company committed to meeting the needs and wishes of families and individuals.

Richmond Funeral Home have a proven track record of caring for the bereaved throughout the Wairarapa, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

10 Richmond Road
06 379 7616

Richmond House
2 Fitzherbert Street
0800 379 7616

Email: admin@richmondfuneralhome.co.nz

Wellington and Ōtaki Natural Burials

Our own funeral marks the end of our call on the earth’s resources and like in life, involves some choices which can impact on the environment, to a greater or lesser degree. Wellington and Ōtaki Natural Burials specialises in assisting you make informed choices when arranging a natural burial.

Many people today are becoming aware of how they impact on the environment; this has led to more people wanting to make considered choices when they die.

Some may choose to have a ‘Natural Burial’ in the purest sense of the word, others want to personalise their funerals and yet still consider the environment.We believe that planning in advance is the best way to ensure your wishes are followed and that your funeral runs as smoothly as possible. 

We at Wellington Natural Burials and Ōtaki Natural Burials will do our very best to ensure you, your family, and friends wishes are fulfilled. 

Having open conversations is important, we are here to help and offer suggestions to make the Natural Burial process as easy as possible.

0800 326 752

Wellington and Ōtaki Natural Burials have branches in:
Upper Hutt, Lower Hutt, Kilbirnie, Newtown, Karori, Johnsonville, Tawa and Kāpiti.

Email: Simon@funeral-link.co.nz


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