What do you do when someone dies?

The first step is to call your funeral director.

Your funeral director will ask you the following questions:

  • Your name and relationship to the person who has died.

  • Your contact details.

  • The Name of the person who has died.

  • Where they have died.

  • The date of their death.

  • The name of the person who has died doctor.

  • Whether the person who has died wished to be buried or cremated.

  • Where it is ok to embalm the person, who has died or not.

  • Where and when would you like to arrange the funeral?

​Other helpful information to provide the funeral director at the first call:

  • What would you like the person who has died to be dressed in?
  • Whether anyone would like to view the person who has died before the day of the funeral. Most funeral directors will require the person to be embalmed if they are to be viewed by family or friend.
  • The day and time and venue that you would like to have the funeral service.

Request an Estimate

Part of the process in thinking in advance is getting a clear understanding of what the associated costs may be.

Funeral director’s costs will differ from region to region due to the overheads that they incur in operating their business.

If you would like to request an estimate for the type of service, you are considering please click here, to find your nearest funeral home.


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